Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out with the Old McDonald's. In with the New.

The old McDonald's, the ones with the bright red and yellow signs and vinyl upholstery, are being replaced with newer, totally redesigned restaurants, ones with classier, more Starbucks-like designs.

Thousands of McDonald's restaurants around the world are being remodeled and updated. Last year the Dawsonville, Ga., McDonald's got a complete makeover. Now it's time for the old, reliable McDonald's of Dahlonega, Ga. to undergo its much-needed facelift.

The Dahlonega store will close it doors at the end of March or first of April for the remodel, which is expected to take from 55 to 80 days. The present store may even be leveled (or at least completely gutted) to give rise to a sleek, modern version of America's favorite burger place.

What can Dahlonega fast-food lovers expect at the new McDonald's? The Big Mac and fries will still be on the menu, but the building will get a 21st century facelift.

According to USA Today,  if you "take away all the McDonald's signage — and the familiar front counter area — and customers who were to drive by or step inside wouldn't likely know they were face-to-face with a McDonald's....No more clown-red roofs. No more confusion about what door to use."

Dahlonega's new McDonald's should be ready to open in June. That's a long time to go without a McCafe and an Egg McMuffin, but we Lumpkinites will just have to wait.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Kidney Cancer Month

March is Kidney Cancer Month. How odd it is that every major cancer seems to have its own month. But in this world of medical marketing and fundraising, a cancer month is somehow logical (or is that illogical, not sure which.)

Orange is the color for kidney cancer. But you won't find a lot of orange 'I survived kidney cancer' t-shirts, coffee mugs or head wraps in stores like you do pink cancer survivor attire. Kidney cancer marketing, fortunately, isn't that prevalent because the disease doesn't strike the huge numbers that breast cancer or other major cancers do.

Are you wearing your orange?
Yet, kidney cancer is on the top ten list of cancers, and this year, 65,150 people - 40,430 men and 24,720 - will be diagnosed with kidney cancer, and another 13,000+ will die from kidney cancer. (Statistics from the American Cancer Society)

I'm a kidney cancer survivor. It's been almost four years since my diagnosis and 18 months since my last surgery. Proudly, I am cancer free. Think I will celebrate my kidney cancer month but shopping at Zazzle.com and buying a kidney cancer shirt or button. Those folks at Zazzle sure do know how to market. They have a shirt for every cause and every cancer.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Judge Upholds DeKalb Board Removal

Judge upholds order to remove DeKalb Board members
Today, U.S. District Judge Richard Story upheld Ga. Governor Deal's order to remove six members of the DeKalb County Board of Education. The board member ousting is Georgia's effort to help DeKalb school system maintain its acceditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

DeKalb has been on probation (and not the super secret kind) since December for "fiscal mismanagement and inappropriate conduct among board members."

DeKalb County was once known nationwide for its stellar schools and first-class public education. For years, it was with pride that I told people that I had taught in DeKalb. But that pride has been replaced by embarrassment as DeKalb school system scandals and bad-news stories make the headlines.

Perhaps a new board, with a renewed commitment to excellence, can help turn the school system around. Thanks Governor Deal for standing up for DeKalb schools and thanks Judge Story for a wise decision.