Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Air Jordan Shoe Fights in North Georgia

A sight you probably will never see in a North Georgia mountain town is nine thousand people standing in line for a pair of shoes. And definitely no local crowd would storm a store door and fight off others just to buy a pair of sports shoes. (As happened in Atlanta and across the country last week when the new Nike Air Jordans came out.)

In Atlanta, people were shoved, pushed, scraped, hit, and fired upon just for those $180 white leather shoes. (While stores sold out of these shoes within minutes, if you really want a pair, ebay is selling them for $450.)

Why no big Nike shoe rush in Dahlonega and Beyond? Here's just a few reasons we doubt that will never happen here:
  1. The 'malls'  we have are more inclined to have Walmart as the anchor store...not a Nike or a Macy's.
  2. Walmart isn't known for carrying sports shoes in the $100+ range. 
  3. Most counties in North Georgia don't even have 9,000 people living in them.
  4. People try to avoid buying white shoes because Georgia red clay makes a horrible mess on the soles.
  5. We've got more important things to spend our money on.

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