Friday, November 18, 2011

Yes, Virginia, There Still Is a Thanksgiving

The one holiday that Americans - no matter what their religion - can celebrate together is Thanksgiving, the day our nation and our people 'offically' give thanks for our blessings.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Day is now the forgotten holiday. The one that we seem to squeeze in between Halloween and Christmas.

Years ago, Thanksgiving was the day that kicked off the Christmas season. We started our Christmas shopping the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Stores' Christmas decorations went up AFTER Thanksgiving. Christmas songs and carols began playing AFTER Thanksgiving. Children made their Santa list AFTER Thanksgiving, and Santa made his first appearance in ON Thanksgiving in the Macy's parade.

That's not the case in 2011. Christmas decorations have been up in the local big box stores since early October - often displayed right next to the Halloween masks and candy. The day AFTER Halloween Christmas music was playing in the local Walmart. And Santa is already here. Unbelievably, he arrived at one area store on November 6. What's next? Santa sharing the stage with the Great Pumpkin?

Here's an idea. Let's bring back Thanksgiving. Put aside the hub-bub of Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. Relish in the beauty and bounty of fall. Bring out the mums and pumpkin/turkey decorations. Take more time than just Thanksgiving dinner to reflect on our blessings. More importantly, let's celebrate Thanksgiving from November 1 to the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

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  1. I think once you bring back a strong economy, you will see things change. This is more of retailers panicking than it is cultural malaise.