Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dahlonega and the Liquor Vote

The City Council of Dahlonega seems to be listening to the voters when it comes to Sunday beer and wine sales. That's something the 'Big Daddy' County Commission in Lumpkin County failed to do.

The topic of Sunday liquor sales has popped up at the Dahlonega City Council. The council has decided to hold a public hearing to discuss the possibility of an election on Sunday beer and wine sales within the city limits.

Last month, the County Commission voted NOT to give the Lumpkin voters the opportunity to say Yea or Nay on selling beer and wine on Sunday. The result - Voters got mad...really mad. (An indication of this were the multiple Letters to Editor and columns in the local Dahlonega Nugget.)

We can only hope that the Dahlonega council members believe in the right of the people to vote...something the Lumpkin commissioners don't seem to believe in.

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