Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thinking Twice about Going on a Cruise?

The other day, a Facebook friend commented that he was planning a cruise, but with all the recent incidents with cruise ships, he was rethinking is plans.

Yes, the cruise industry has had its ups and downs in the past few months. A mega-ship wrecking off Greece, passengers scrambling to safety, dozens of people killed in the shipwreck; then bandits robbing cruisers on land tours, people falling overboard, and a cruise ship stranded by fire in the middle of the Indian ocean.

Okay. We can see our FB friend's point. Yet, when you look at the cruise industry as a whole, cruising is really one of the safest ways to travel. And what other vacation can you take where you unpack your suitcase once and you can see 5 or 6 countries in a week?

Now we ask, did anyone cancel a planned trip by car after the fiery, massive wreck on I75 in Florida? What about after the miracle airplane crash landing on Hudson River? Anyone cancel an airline flight? It's the same with a cruise. Just because a tragedy strikes one segment, an entire industry should not be panned or banned.

We are cruisers who believe in the cruise industry. In fact, we have actually booked a Mediterranean cruise and will said right by the spot where the Costa Concordia went down. Life is too short to worry about the 'what if's.'

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  1. Besides, if you survive Look at all the perks the "victims" get.