Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nugget Had Been Shot

Nugget, resting comfortably at her new home. (Photo by Matt Aiken, Dahlonega Nugget)

A recent trip to the vet uncovered evidence that sometime in Nugget the dog's life, she had been shot in the leg. Dr. David Orton, who examined Nugget pro bono, discovered buckshot in Nugget's leg.

The healed wound is further evidence that Nugget had lead a traumatic life before making her way to downtown Dahlonega and settling in at the Golden Pantry. For years, the people of Dahlonega left food for Nugget, gave her a dog house and warm blankets, and watched over her as she leisurely spent her days walking the streets of Dahlonega. 

For almost a month now, Nugget has a new home, living with Michelle and Craig Codrington. Nugget's wandering life ended when a resident filed a report against Nugget with Animal Control.

Even though Nugget is off the streets of Dahlonega, local towns people have not forgotten her. They are still caring for their beloved Nugget. Dr. Orton's free doggie physical is one example. Others include:
  • ACE Hardware's Wyman Walden collecting donations for Nugget at the store and then provided free fencing material to the Codringtons.
  • Local residents Bruce Krietman and Dale Farmer donating time to build the fence at Nugget's new home.
  • Le Petite Cafe's Sarah Willson and Pam Robison hosting a pancake breakfast in Nugget's honor, raising $240 for Nugget's care.
The Codrington's promise that Nugget will visit her fans and Nugget lovers soon. Until then, you can follow the adventures of Nugget (aka Fox News star), on her Facebook page or read more in this week's Dahlonega Nugget newspaper.

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