Friday, September 23, 2011

The Smith House - The Legend, The Fried Chicken

The Smith House is legendary in North Georgia. On Sundays, the front yard of this Dahlonega home style restaurant is filled with people waiting their turn for family-style fare - for fried chicken, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn bread, fried okra and so much more.

The Smith House is a boarding house style eatery (with great reviews) where strangers are thrown together for the meal. People share conversation as they crunch on the extra crispy chicken, sip the super sweet tea, and repeatedly ask, "Would you pass the..."

Long before Paula Deen's Southern fare became popular, Georgians flocked to The Smith House for a true Southern food. D&B included. In fact our first trip there was over 30 years ago.

D&B was back at The Smith House a few days ago. We were seated at a table with a man from Elijah who had migrated to North Georgia from metro Atlanta. A true Southern gentleman, the man from Elijah didn't mind a bit when we asked him to pass the potatoes, pass the gravy, and please pass us another piece of chicken!

While The Smith House may never win a James Beard award or five culinary stars, it's a great place for Southern fare and a great place to make new friends. It's also another MUST VISIT spot when traveling North Georgia.

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