Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dahlonega and Beyond: We're Back!

Dahlonega and Beyond went dark for a couple of months. A number of excuses for the blog silence, such as:
  1. We traveled a lot - three weeks in Venice and the Mediterranean and  a couple of trips to NashVegas.
  2. A rotten case of bronchitis which dulled the brain and writing creativity
  3. A busy work schedule that included lots of copy writing and Internet research, and
  4. The Christmas season and all the stress, drama, and shopping that the holidays bring.
You'll note that holiday cooking wasn't one of the list of No-Blog excuses. That's simply because years ago, I gave up serious Christmas season baking and cooking. And with that 'giving up', we find that we don't pack on as many holiday pounds and a lot less time is spent around the stove and kitchen mixer.

After all, Honey Baked ham is a heck of lot better than mine, and when we buy our turkey already baked, there's no fear of finding 'surprise' packages of turkey necks and gizzards inside. (Yes, this happened. Not once but twice in our turkey baking history.)

Now back to the blog, and I do mean Back to the Blog. My new year's resolution is more blogging, more writing that's pity, maybe controversial, and perhaps even enjoyable reading to others outside our immediate family. So, simply put: Dahlonega and Beyond is back!

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