Friday, January 11, 2013

Bigfoot Is Real

Bigfoot is the topic of a Dahlonega conference.
Bigfoot is real, so real that the mysterious wooly character is the topic of a two day conference being held this weekend in Dahlonega.

Experts from far and wide - including a Sasquatch linguist and a world famous animal tracker - will be at R-Ranch in the Mountains, Jan. 12 &13, sharing their Bigfoot knowledge. An estimated 400 Bigfoot info seekers are expected to attend the conference, one of many "Let's Talk About Bigfoot" events held each year in the U.S.

Lumpkin County is a logical spot for a Bigfoot conference. After all, a number of Bigfoot sightings have been recorded over the years, including one recently by a Lumpkin County Sheriff's deputy who caught the creature on his dashboard camera.

For those of us who can't make the Sasquatch Study event, here's a list of the experts and what their topic discussions:
  1. Former U.S. Navy crypto-linguist and Bigfoot language expert R. Scott Nelson will talk Bigfoot ABC's and reveal an official version of the Sasquatch alphabet.
  2. Famed Bigfoot hunter Alex "Midnight Walker" Tomas, a blog radio host specialist in Sasquatch interactions, will discuss the field techniques for establishing relationships with the Sasquatches.
  3. Author Ron Morehead, who has spent 40 years researching Bigfoot, will speak on Bigfoot encounters and speech.
  4. Professional tracker and Master Naturalist, Leigh Culver will on how-to distinguish Sasquatch tracks from human and animal tracks.
  5. Discussing Bigfoot habitation will be Yale graduate and college literature teacher Chris Noel, who has also written two books on Sasquatch.
  6. Jim Vera, a Bigfoot expert and recent guest on the after-hours radio show, Coast-to-Coast, will speak on the history of Bigfoot.
  7. Arla Williams, one of the event coordinators, will discuss relationship building with the Sasquatch clan. (Arla, according to her bio, encountered her first Bigfoot when she was just six years old.)
If you'd like more information on the Bigfoot conference, or want to check if there might be tickets still available, visit www.

And who knows, maybe a Bigfoot will make a guest appearance.

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