Monday, August 29, 2011

Bigfoot Lives in Lumpkin County


Rumors persist that Lumpkin County forests outside of Dahlonega are home to Sasquatch, aka Big Foot. 

In the news recently is the Big Foot Coverup, based on a Lumpkin County Sheriff's deputy's dashboard cam that captured a mysterious 'something' dashing across the road in front of the squad car in 2009.

The sighting was a major news story in the BigFoot Times and became a YouTube semi-sensation. Now the story of the Sheriff Deputy Sighting gets even murkier, as the editor of the BigFoot Times accuses Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard of a coverup. Sheriff Jarrard reportedly investigated the mysterious sighting. He reported finding a gorilla suit on a college student's front porch and concluded that the Bigfoot sighting was a college prank. Since the sheriff refused to give the BigFoot Times the names of the students or produce pictures of the gorilla suit, skeptics are skeptical.

Now I am not saying Bigfoot exists, but the deputy's dashboard cam video shows something,  (especially the slow mo version linked above.) Animal Planet even came to Lumpkin earlier this year searching for the bigfooted creature. They may not have seen him, but they discovered his footprints. (Complete with toe prints!)  

What's more important is that the dash cam footage isn't the only sighting. Here are two more.

  • In 2006, in Lumpkin County, two campers came upon a huge, big chested 9 ft. hairy something
  • In 1985, outside of Dahlonega, a group of U.S. Army Rangers are reported to have stumbled upon a group of bigfoots (or is that bigfeets. Not sure.) 
So for now when people ask why I don't like walking by myself around our wooded neighborhood, my answer is - Bigfoot lives here.

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