Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain Etiquette

After living in the Georgia mountain area for over a year, D&B has noted there's a distinct etiquette to life here that just doesn't exist in the Atlanta suburbs (or at least in Gwinnett County.)

1. At the Walmart, instead of leaving your buggy in front of your cars, put the buggy in the buggy rack. (Unbelievably, buggies aren't scattered all over the Dahlonega Walmart parking lot.)

2. Don't just drop-in on a neighbor. If their garage door is open or they are out in the yard, then are you are definitely welcomed.

3. Expect your mail delivery person to stop and chat if you are in your yard...and get this, if you have lots of mail, she delivers it to your door.

4. Expect a service person - repairmen, UPS, FedX and yes, even the mail lady - to honk when they drive in your driveway. This way you are alerted that you have company before they ring your doorbell.

5. Wave at people as you drive by. The big surprise is that they wave back!

6. Do stop when a school bus stops. No hurriedly passing a bus...and you're expected to actually stop at a downtown cross walk when townspeople or local college students walk across.

7.  Stop and help If  you see a car stalled or  having car trouble.

One thing we've learned about Mountain Etiquette is that it reminds us so much of how we did things in the small towns we grew up in, and we like it like that!

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