Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turners Corner Cafe - 60 Minutes, 60 Motorcycles

Just a little beyond Dahlonega, at the corner of Georgia Hwy. 129 and Hwy. 19 is Turner's Corner Cafe, the place to be for an afternoon of motorycle (and people) watching. During the 60 minutes D&B sat on the Cafe's deck for lunch Sunday, we counted at least 60 motorcycles, either whipping around the corner or roaring to a stop at the stop sign.

We HEARD and saw Harleys of all colors, shapes and sizes, and marveled at the BMW beauties, Hondas, Yamahas, Suzukis, Kawasakis and even a Triumph that whizzed by.

If you don't already know, motorcyclists (and cyclists too) come from all around the South to ride the legendary Hwy. 19 and its twists, turns and mountain ups and downs. Turner's Corner Cafe, located on the Chattahoochee at the Hwy. 129/19 intersection, is a popular stop for a lot of those motorcyclists.

Recently reopened after several years of abandonment, the 'new' Turner's Corner Cafe offers fresh trout, hoagies, stacks of green fried tomatoes, and homemade banana pudding. The food is getting positive reviews. (However, just don't order the chicken sandwich. Not so good.)

When we were there, the parking lot was lined with motorcycles and the restaurant filled with weekend Harley riders wearing their trademark bandanas and the city-slickers covered neck-to-toe in logo labeled leather gear. Of course, non-riders were having lunch there too. About a third of the restaurant's patrons were wearing their Sunday dress-up clothes enjoying an after-church lunch.

According to the sign on the old store-converted into a cafe building, Turner's Corner has been serving customers since 1928. Now that the cafe has reopened, its 'nice place to stop' tradition continues for tourists, traveling motorcyclists, and locals.

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  1. In one of its long-ago lives, Turner's Corner store featured a caged bear which tourists were invited to feed (peanuts which were for sale). Weekenders fished off the state bridge for mountain trout. Neither is allowed anymore Now bears and their cubs come down the mountain and eat for free the local harvest of corn, beans.apples. Bewary of bears.