Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Convertible Do's & Don'ts

As we discover the world in Dahlonega and Beyond, we often travel in our Baby Blue Bug (aka BBB). As a VW convertible owner, D&B wanted to share some Ragtop Do's and Don'ts that we have discovered.

  1. Wave at other German convertible drivers...especially Mercedes owners. They love it!
  2. Anchor your 'flower' in your bud vase. Nothing worse than having your flying flower hit another car.
  3. Make sure the brakes work in case a bear or deer crosses your path. And yes, BBB narrowly escaped hitting both a bear and deer. Don't think either would have fit in the front or back seat.
  4. Find cover during a hail storm. Nothing spells headache like golf ball size hail stones hitting a rag top. D&B actually drove under a stranger's car port during one severe hail storm. The homeowner didn't quite know what to say.
  5. Put the top down on sunny wintery days. People will think you're crazy but you have the heater and seat heaters on so you're almost toasty.
  1. Don't put the top down if the temperature is above 95. Well you can, but be prepared to sweat big time.
  2. Don't try to talk on the cell phone either as a driver or passenger. The wind and speeding car noises make hearing hard on both the caller and the callee.
  3. Don't take the VW on a big shopping trip. Have you seen the trunk?
  4. Don't park under trees during the fall if the top is down. Unless of course, you're a leaf collector.
  5. Don't offer to loan your car to your 30 year old son. I am NOT driving a baby blue convertible around Atlanta, he is reported to have said.

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