Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crime in Dahlonega

Time for the latest Dahlonega Crime Report, based on the Crimebeat column in The Dahlonega Nugget. Here are some highlights/lowlights:
  • A man said someone "spit on his mailbox." (Do you think the police took the spit DNA?)
  • A woman reported that someone had been squatting in her old mobile home (at least that someone wasn't squatting ON the mobile home.) The culprit allegedly also stole some appliances and painted a swastika on the wall. (Definitely that is not good.)
  • A man said a woman said she planted marijuana on his property to "set him up." (Now why would you tell someone this?)
  • A woman reported getting morning phone calls from "someone who breathes heavily into the phone." She said that someone sounded "like a robot." (Question is why would this person only call in the morning?)
  • A woman accused her former roommate of stealing her TV, driver's license, and all her food. (Now we know why this is a 'former' roommate.)
  • After going to register his car at the courthouse, a man discovered that his car was a stolen vehicle. Interestingly, he bought the car from his niece. (Not a very nice niece is she?)
Anyway, after watching a couple of crime shows on television last night, D&B is relieved that spitting on a mailbox and an accused marijuana planting were Dahlonega's big crimes last week.

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