Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Burns

Police encounter rioters in the London riots
London is on fire. People rioting in the streets, kicking in store windows, carrying off electronic goods, burning cars and now killing store owners trying to protect their property. 

This is not the London or England that D&B knows. For over two years, D&B's son worked and lived in London and our daughter studied at Oxford. For them and us, it's hard to imagine how this beautiful, historic country has exploded in violence.

Pundits say the economy is the cause. Others blame racism, the British class system, or youths just wanting to have fun. To me there is no excuse to destroy the stores, the homes, and businesses in your neighborhood (or anywhere else.) For the first time today, we saw different kinds of pictures coming out of England - heartwarming scenes of thousands of Britons arming themselves with brooms, cleaning up the 'hooligans' damage and vowing to take back their cities.

Some U.S. news experts say that riots similar to those in England could happen here. Should this happen (and we don't think it ever will), here's one prediction that D&B feels confident in making - There will be no riots in Dahlonega, Dawsonville or anywhere in Lumpkin and Dawson counties!

D&B were thinking about traveling to London for the 2012 Olympics. Now we think we'll stay right here in Dahlonega.

(To see more horrific London riot pictures, click here.)

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