Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vote for the Fiddleheads

America's Got Talent, NBC's popular summer talent show, is giving the Fiddleheads, a homegrown Dahlonega bluegrass band, a second chance. And now you have the opportunity to vote for this 'funky' group as America's Top Talent on the show at 9 p.m. tonight.

The five-man band was brought back to the NBC show as a wild-card contender, after being voted off on July 13. The group's strong popularity with the audience and fans earned them this second shot.

"We're excited to show people what we do instead of last time where we went in a different direction," said bassist Trygve Myers, referring to their last performance when they went the L.A. way and performed a bluegrass Billie Jean. "This time you are actually going to get to see us....even if we do bad or good...we're going to be happy with what we do," Myers said in a Dahlonega Nugget interview.

The Fiddleheads, all graduates or students of North Georgia State College and University, are part of the rich bluegrass and country music tradition of Dahlonega and our first America's Top Talent contestant. Good luck Fiddleheads. Dahlonega is awfully proud of you.

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