Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nugget Gets New Home and Facebook Page

Nugget @ the Golden Pantry. Photo by Gainesville Times.
Nugget, Dahlonega's town dog, seems to be adjusting to her new home and new adopted family. Nugget, if you don't know, spent years living in the parking lot of the Golden Pantry and strolling casually through our town. Then someone turned her in to animal control and Nugget became a local media star.

Nugget is doing so well now that she even has her own Facebook page and a Twitter account. According to a recent Facebook post, Nugget is "happy and doing well. She is living with two other dogs and is adjusting well. Her new property has a little river that she hates getting out of. She seems to enjoy letting her new human assistants hold her leash when she takes them for a walk." 

Obviously, Nugget is an amazing pup...she types and tweets. Check out her Facebook page.

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