Friday, September 10, 2010

Back Porch Oyster Bar

Yes, you can find great seafood in the North Georgia Mountains!! That's the slogan for the Back Porch Oyster Bar in downtown Dahlonega, and after the meal we had there tonight, I totally agree.


If you like seafood, you'll love this fact I only saw two items on the menu that weren't some type of fish. But we were told that if you are a steak lover and will call ahead, they'll fix the meat to your order.


But back to the seafood. We started the meal with their bruchetta special...white cream cheese, fresh mushroom and five jumbo shrimp. Too full to order entrees, we ordered fresh steamed peel and eat shrimp. The bowl arrived overflowing in tender, juicy 'Carolina Coast' shrimp. Being from Louisiana, we love boiled shrimp, but the Back Porch's streamed shrimp was as good as any we've eaten in Louisiana.


 While we aren't oyster eaters,  the couple behind us ordered fresh oysters and they did look yummy. The Back Porch's owner told us that she had to search a good bit for oysters this week (thank you BP and oil spill), and that she had to pay a lot more than in the past....but she hasn't raised her prices. Her oyster loving customers are going to love that!


Each Friday night we journey to downtown Dahlonega for dinner and try another restaurant, and believe me, we have quite a choice. Hmmm....what shall it be next week? Cajun? Italian? Mexican? Steak house? Brew house? Irish pub? Decisions. Decisions.

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