Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scorpions - Another one bites the dust

Scorpions aren't only deadly, but they're as ugly as can be.
Since the day my brother, 2 years old at the time, was bitten by a scorpion, I really haven't like the critters. The scorpion, who gave my brother a little sting, was over two inches long, and a really fearsome looking insect. (I happen to know just how big it was because we captured it in a jar to take to the doctor.) Fortunately, my brother recovered fairly quick from his 'deadly' scorpion sting. But you can see why I'm not scorpion friendly. (BTW, scorpions are pretty common in Louisiana where I grew up.)

Anyway, no one told me when we were deciding to move up to the mountains that this is scorpion territory. Seeing scorpions crawl around outside or in our basement isn't a daily occurrence, but it happens way more than I would like.

Now the story of the recently deceased scorpion. He made the mistake of appearing in the bathroom. After three vain attempts of squishing him with the bathmat, I finally resorted to my classic bug weapon - my house shoe. One quick swat of the deadly house shoe, that that little scorpion had met his maker. (FYI...this scorpion wasn't a BIG scorpion...he was really kind of itty bitty.)

Instead of tossing him in the trash, I decided to honor him with a burial at sea...aka the toilet. Yet, even after I flushed him down, I kept checking to see if smushed as he was....could swim and climb back up. Needless to see, I am very careful when I sit on that particular toilet!

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