Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Corner Drugstore

When I was growing up in a small town in Louisiana, we had a corner drugstore where we went not just for pills and meds, but also for tall Cherry Cokes and  foamy chocolate malts. Tennyson's Drugstore and its soda fountain was a place for a quick lunch and a place to meet old friends. Plus you could always count on Olin Mills, the pharmacist for trusted advice.

Unfortunately, the mega drug stores and the grocery pharmacies, in so many towns, have replaced the corner drugstore.

But that's not the case in Dawsonville where Goodson's Pharmacy combines the latest in pharmaceuticals with the flavor and style of a Southern small town. While not exactly on the corner, Goodson's is located in the heart of downtown Dawsonville on Hwy. 53.

Pharmacist and Owner Phil Goodson is on hand to dispense your prescriptions and answer questions. Plus he has a great friendly staff who were warm and friendly on my first visit there yesterday and again on my second trip today. (Even the other customers were friendly. No big city aloofness here.)

There's definitely a Southern flavor to Goodson's and if you are a Civil War devotee, you'll love the memorabilia around the store, including the picture of Robert E. Lee.

One reviewer on Kudzu wrote: If you asked me which vendor or professional I would never give up, Phil Goodson, RPh and Goodson's Pharmacy would top my list. This is a pharmacy with high standards and yet obviously cares for each customer. They are simply wonderful. I can't tell you the number of times they have gone above and beyond to make certain I had what I needed, when I needed.

The good news is that Goodson's has ice cold Cokes on hand (I'm going to check to see if he has Cherry Cokes), large comfy benches to sit on while waiting or  just to visit, and shelves well stock with all the over-the-counter medicines and medical aides you can image. Looks like we've found our hometown drugstore.

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