Thursday, September 9, 2010

Country Life Demands a Truck

After several weeks of carrying plants, fertilizer, tools, and other 'yard' necessities in our SUV, Lamar decided that he needed a truck. After all, he's a Mountain Man now, and a truck is a necessity. (He was the only guy in our small neighborhood who didn't have a about peer pressure.)

He spent over a week shopping for the perfect truck. He wanted to buy a FORD Ranger (our son had one years ago), so off he went to the Ford dealer in Dahlonega and Cumming. After several test drives, he decided that a Ranger wasn't for him (or Diane either). The ride was oh so bumpy....felt like you were getting a back massage while you were driving down the road.

Talk about depressed. He was in the Ford Ranger truck buying mode but his dream truck didn't pan out....BUT our daughter saved the day by recommending he try Nissan...and that's just what he did. Now he is the proud owner of a black Nissan Frontier truck.  And Diane must admit....the ride is smoother.

Look'll see Lamar is shoeless. Who can afford shoes when you've just bought a truck?

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